How can you be qualified as a Cyprus Tax Resident?
On 14 July 2017, the Cyprus parliament voted for a Cyprus tax law amendment adding a second test –the “60-day rule” – for the purposes of determining Cyprus tax residency for individuals.
Therefore you can now be considered as being a Cyprus tax resident provided that you either satisfy the “60-day rule” or the “183-day rule”.
Under the “183 day rule”, you need to spend at least 183 days a year in Cyprus, whereas under the “60-day rule” you should meet the below criteria.


How to become Cyprus Tax Resident under the 60-day rule?
You should meet the following criteria, for each fiscal year:
• Remain in Cyprus for at least 60 days during the tax year in question; and
• Not reside in any other single state for a period exceeding 183 days, and
• Not be tax resident in any other state; and
• Carry out business activities in Cyprus and/or work in Cyprus and/or be a director in a company that is tax resident in Cyprus at any time of the tax year in question; and
• Maintain a permanent residence in Cyprus (either owned or rented).


How to calculate the days of residency in Cyprus?
• The day of departure from Cyprus is considered as a day outside of Cyprus;
• The day of arrival in Cyprus is considered as a day in Cyprus;
• Arrival in Cyprus and departure from Cyprus within the same day is considered as one day in Cyprus;
• Departure from Cyprus and return to Cyprus within the same day is considered as one day outside of Cyprus.
What are the applicable tax benefits?
• A Cyprus tax resident individual but non-domiciled in Cyprus is exempt in Cyprus from taxation on his/her worldwide dividend and ‘passive’ interest income.
• Profit from the sale of securities is exempt from tax in Cyprus.
• An individual who will be employed in Cyprus and his/her income will exceed €100.000, and, provided that he/she has not been a tax resident of Cyprus prior to the commencement of his/her employment in Cyprus, he/she will enjoy a 50% discount on his/her income tax in Cyprus, for a period of 10 years.
• Income from employment carried out outside Cyprus is exempted from Cyprus income tax, provided that the employment exercised outside Cyprus exceeds 90 days per tax year.


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