Are you a European Union member and you are planning to stay, work or even remain as a visitor in Cyprus?
If yes, our office can assist you in applying for a Registration Certificate (“Yellow slip”) to the Civil Registry and Migration Department. A Yellow Slip is technically a residency permit, which provides you the same rights as a Cypriot citizen.


Why could this be applicable to you?
It is required for European nationals to apply for a Yellow Slip within four months from the date of entry to the Republic of Cyprus and failure to comply with this registration requirement imposes a fine of EUR 2,562.90.

Therefore we recommend starting the process of the application as soon as you arrive at the Republic of Cyprus as you will require to show the Yellow Slip in various places such as local banks or Social Security Services.


What documents are required for the application?
Main Applicant supporting documentation:
1. Valid Passport or Identity card;
2. Confirmation of engagement by the employer or certificate of the employer (if applicable);
3. Certificate of registration to the Social Security’s Services as self-employed (if self-employed);
4. Two passport-sized photos;
5. Marriage Certificate (if applicable);
6. Children birth certificates (if applicable);
7. Rental Agreement (if applicable);
8. Bank statements in Cyprus or from abroad (if applicable).


For European Family members:
1. Valid Passport or Identity Card;
2. Proof of family relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate);
3. Two passport-sized photos.


For Non-European members:
1. Valid Passport;
2. Proof of family relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate);
3. The Registration certificate of the Union citizen whom they are joining;
4. Two passport-sized photos;
5. A document issued by the relevant authority in the country of origin certifying that they are dependants or members of the European Union citizen, or proof of the existence of serious health grounds which render the personal care of the family member by the European Union citizen absolutely necessary.


How long will the application process take?
The Yellow Slip is issued immediately or within a maximum of 5 days. For European Union citizens it does not expire, while for non-European family members it is valid for 5 years, with the right of renewal.


The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter and does not constitute legal advice.

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