If you are a Non-European citizen and you wish to stay in Cyprus for more than three months, without having employment rights, we may assist you in applying for a pink slip (Visitor Visa), under one of the below categories:
1. Being married to a Cypriot Citizen.
2. Applying for an extension of your temporary residence, provided that you have sufficient financial resources.
3. Applying for an extension of stay, due to plans of marrying a Cypriot citizen.

Basic Requirements for Non-European citizens under Category B:
1. Need to show that you have an adequate income from abroad to cover your living expenses in Cyprus without the need to find employment.
2. Proof of suitable accommodation (title deed or lease agreement).
3. Original bank guarantee, issued by a Bank of Cyprus.
4. Health Insurance.
5. Proof of income from abroad (for example, pension, bank statement, dividends, rental agreement, etc.).
6. Extract from a Bank of Cyprus confirming the availability of funds.

What does adequate income mean?
The term adequate income means a minimum deposited amount of EUR 10,000 for every adult and EUR 5,000 for every minor, per year. These amounts are proven by bank statements and swift confirmations.

How long does the process of obtaining the permit take?
The Temporary residence permit can be obtained within 3 months and is issued for a maximum period of 1 year, with a right of renewal.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter and does not constitute legal advice.
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