We register your Trademark in Cyprus, within Europe, or internationally. We can assist you with:

1. Provision of advice in relation to the criteria, the classes and all the supporting documents for the filling of the application;
2. Monitoring the status of the application and follow up, including a personal meeting where deemed necessary;
3. Advise on the grounds of refusal to register a trademark;
4. Renewal of license, upon its expiration.

What is a Trademark?
A trademark is a “brand name” for your business, graphically represented (usually in words, images, letters, numerals, the shape of a product or its packages or a combination of the above), that distinguishes your goods and services apart from others.

Benefits of Trademark registration:
• Registration ensures that you can safely use your trademark without worrying about any infringement on third party’s trademark.
• It offers a valuable corporate intellectual property asset that contributes to your business’ goodwill and market value;
• After registration, trademarks can be used as advertising tools to build your brand image and brand awareness.
• Registration ensures that your trademarks can be licensed, assigned and sold.

Registration of Trademark in Cyprus:
A petition for the registration of a trademark in Cyprus needs to be submitted by a practising lawyer. Trademarks are registered for an initial period of seven years and can then be renewed for a period of fourteen years.
As per the Cyprus law, a mark cannot be registered as a trademark for the following reasons:
• It has a descriptive character (it describes your goods or services or any characteristics)
• It’s offensive, deceptive or against the law;
• If it has become customary in the line of trade.

Registration of Trademark within the European Union:
The registration of the European Union Trademark (EUTM) is the most popular option as it guarantees the protection of your trademark in one single registration. Its distinctive attribute is that the registered trademark in this platform is subject to protection within all European Countries and it is a sufficient benefit if you would like to conduct business within the European Union. Once registered, a EUTM can be renewed indefinitely every ten years.
Registration of Trademark Internationally
You have the possibility with a single application, to have your trademark protected in numerous countries, simply by designating in which countries, under the Madrid Agreement or Protocol, you would like to receive protection.
To be able to file an international trademark registration, under the Madrid Protocol, you must be a national/domiciled, in one of the member countries of the Protocol or have an industrial or commercial substance in one of the member countries.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter and does not constitute legal advice.
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