Working from home during COVID-19? What you and your organisation need to consider

2020-10-08T08:21:58+00:00Categories: Corporate & Commercial|Tags: , |

With cases of COVID-19 arising in almost every country, several companies are taking action in an effort to limit [...]

The Implementation of Electronic Signatures in Cyprus in a time of Social Distancing

2020-10-08T08:03:31+00:00Categories: Corporate & Commercial|Tags: , |

It has become obvious that whilst COVID-19 epidemic has caused disruptions in certain industries, in other industries its effects can be [...]

Cyprus Redomiciliation – A Global Solution

2020-10-02T08:41:39+00:00Categories: Corporate & Commercial|Tags: , , , |

Cyprus Law permits the so-called “re-domiciliation” process allowing a company to transfer its “seat” of incorporation into, or out of [...]

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